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Solid Color Tablecloth

  • LT1097 Faux Linen

    Stain Release Faux Linen Tablelcoth with Laser Cutting

    100% Polyester

    Color: Latte, Grey, Natural, White

    Tablecloth size: 54x72", 60x74", 60x106", 60x126", 60x144", 70" RD, 70x70" SQ

    Table Runner: 14x54", 14x72", 14x90"

    Placemat: 12x18", Napkins: 18x18"

  • LT1065 Stain Release


    Polyester jacequard tablecloth with special treatment, Spill Proff, Stain Release, Liquid Beads up

    100% Polyester

    Color: Black, Red, White, Cream, Taupe, Gold Burgundy, Sage

    Tablecloth size: 54x70", 60x74", 60x106", 60x126", 60x144", 70x70" SQ, 70" RD, 90" RD

    Placemat: 12x18", Napkins: 18x18"

  • LT1066 Sprigs

    Mini leaf design tablecloth, placemat & napkins

    100% Polyester

    Colors: White, Cream, Beige, Taupe, Black, Sage, Gold

    Sizes: 54x70"; 60x84"' 60x104"; 60x120"; 60x144"; 70" RD; 90" RD

    Placemat: 12x18"

    Napkins: 18x18"

  • LT1067 Splendid

  • LT1071 Riviera

    LT1071 Riviera

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