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Cutwork And Lace Tablecloth

  • LT1070 Roma


    Lace border, cutwork tablecloth, table runner, placemat and napkins.

    Color: White, Cream, Champagne

    Tablecloth sizes: 36" SQ; 54x72"; 64x90"; 64x126"; 64x144"; 72x72"

    Placemat: 12x18" ; Napkins: 18x18"

  • LT1069 Tiffany


    Lace border tablecloth, runner

    100% Polyester

    Off White

    Tablcloth Size: 36" SQ; 64x90"; 64x108"

    Table Runner: 16x54"; 16x72"

    Placemat: 12x18", Napkins: 18x18"

  • LT1092 Sheer Paisley


    100% Polyester

    Sheer Embroidered Tablecloth

    Off White

    Tablecloth size: 36"SQ; 54x72"; 64x90"; 64x108"; 64x126"; 64x144"; 72"SQ; 72"RD

    Table Runner: 16x36"; 16x45"; 16x54"; 16x72"

    Placemat: 12x18"

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